James Street School - We Love to Learn


Welcome to Kitione who comes to us from Hamilton East. We hope that you have had an enjoyable holiday. We are looking forward to another exciting term’s learning. Kowhai and Tawa will continue to swap for reading in the third term.

If you haven’t already then check out your child’s e-portfolio! Ask your child for their password.


English - We will continue to read and write each day.

 Our writing this term will be related to our topics.

The children will be reading at their own level focusing on the next step to allow them to continue to have success with their reading. It is important that the children read at home to practise these skills.


Te Reo me ona tikanga – We will link this to our sports and arts program. We will learn new words and phrases using a variety of techniques as well as practicing our daily Kiwaha.


Topic Studies–Our first unit will be about The Olympics. We will discuss what are the Olympics? Who are the NZ athletes? Also, we will participate in a school wide mini Olympics.

Our next theme will be dance. Each class in the school is learning one dance to be performed at the school production in September.


Maths and Mesurement - We will continue to focus on number knowledge and strategies in our group lessons.

The other area of maths we will be focusing on is measurement. In measurement we will be learning to

order and compare objects or events by length, area volume and capacity, weight turn (angle), temperature, and time.

Thank you for your continued support and interest.

Michelle Dickson